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Pest Control Services in Southern Indiana & Louisville

Available Services for

Southern Indiana & Louisville

Black Diamond is your full-service pest control company in the Kentuckiana region, providing comprehensive pest control solutions across Southern Indiana and Louisville. We offer the following services:

Pest Control

Our full-service pest control options are designed to eliminate any and all pests that are plaguing your property, including common pests like ants, roaches, spiders, and more. No matter what kind of infestation you’re dealing with, help is just a phone call away at 877-DEAD-BUG.

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Bed Bug Treatment

We offer a variety of bed bug treatments, including chemical treatments, heat treatments, and ongoing service plans for preventative protection. Bed bugs are resilient and difficult to eradicate, but the expert exterminators at Black Diamond have decades of experience effectively hunting down and eradicating infestations. 

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Termite Treatment

Termites cause over five billion dollars in property damage each year in the US alone. Black Diamond offers a variety of treatments to take care of these pesky home invaders, including preventative plans like our Termite Shield program. We perform thousands of termite treatments in the Kentuckiana region every year, and our treatments are backed by the best warranties in the industry. 

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Wildlife Control

Kentuckiana is home to a wealth of wildlife, and sometimes, those critters end up where you don’t want them - inside your home. Our technicians are trained in swift and humane relocation techniques, so you can have peace of mind when utilizing our wildlife control services. From trapping and relocating to damage repair and prevention, Black Diamond does it all.

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Honey Bee Relocation

At Black Diamond, we practice the eco-conscious removal of honey bees from your property rather than exterminating the bees, which are vital pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We safely relocate bees to local bee sanctuaries in partnership with local beekeepers and beekeeping associations. Our services are not only effective but also part of a commitment to preserving a keystone species in preserving our planet. 

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Bed Bug K9 Detection

Black Diamond’s K9 detection unit boasts a 98% accuracy rate when sniffing out bed bugs, which is significantly higher than traditional detection methods. Our NACPI-certified K9s provide a cutting-edge detection solution that ensures efficiency and reliability. The bed bug-sniffing dogs at Black Diamond train weekly to ensure their noses are up to “sniff.”

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Turf Maintenance

Are you tired of DIY yard treatments that empty your pockets without giving your yard the healthy, vibrant look you want? Our turf maintenance plan includes six treatments throughout the year, tailored to the season they are applied and using golf course grade products to keep your yard picturesque all year round.

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Preventative Mosquito Service

Our mosquito service is designed to prevent mosquitoes from pestering you on your property. We offer one-time treatments as well as an ongoing plan to ensure your property remains mosquito-free. Our ongoing plan is backed by our robust warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that if you’re ever bugged by mosquitoes again, we’ll be there to help.

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Our mission at Black Diamond Heating and Air is to prioritize the comfort and well-being of your family throughout every season. Committed to delivering top-notch heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, we strive to create optimal indoor environments that cater to your family’s needs. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions and peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most.

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Our Service Area 

Black Diamond Pest Control is delighted to offer expert pest and wildlife control services across Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, the same area we have been serving since our founding over 80 years ago. We have grown a great deal over the years, and our current service range extends to all of the following counties:

  • Clark (IN)
  • Floyd (IN)
  • Harrison (IN)
  • Washington (IN)
  • Scott (IN)
  • Crawford (IN)
  • Jefferson (IN)
  • Jefferson (KY)
  • Oldham (KY)
  • Bullitt (KY)
  • Shelby (KY)
  • Spencer (KY)
  • Henry (KY)
  • Meade (KY)
  • Breckenridge (KY)
  • Trimble (KY)

Though our headquarters are in Jeffersonville, IN, we proudly serve these counties and many of the surrounding cities, such as Corydon, IN, Shelbyville, KY, and Louisville, KY. These areas that we serve and call home, and the deeply historic communities spread all across, benefit immensely from Black Diamond's commitment to maintaining a pest-free environment for our customers. Our team, equipped with extensive knowledge and the latest pest control technology, ensures that homes and businesses in these 16 counties remain safe and secure.


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4911 Hamburg Pike

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