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Moles are a type of mammal that is common throughout the U.S. Though often considered a rodent, they are genetically closer to bats and share their poor eyesight and preference for dark spaces. Proficient hiders, moles will rarely be seen, but if seen can be positively identified by their unique front paws that are large and hairless with five elongated claws. 

The risks associated with a mole infestation are mostly to the appearance of one’s lawn and value of any landscaping investments. They are known for tunneling through yards, resulting in unsightly holes, collapsed areas of the yard, damaged in-ground features, such as sprinklers and wires, and damaged structural foundations. In addition, they post a health risk to humans and pets as potential carriers of rabies. 

Preventing a mole infestation can be as simple as installing a wire fence two to three feet deep, reinforced with wire mesh, and keeping one’s landscaping generally tidy. Once a mole infestation does occur, it is challenging to eradicate. For safe and effective mole removal, contact your local pest control professional. 

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