Preventative Mosquito Service


A Monthly Visit You
Can Look Forward To.

Nothing puts a damper on time spent with family and friends like the irritating buzz or bite of a mosquito. It’s time to put a stop to these interfering pests. Sign up for Black Diamond’s Preventative Mosquito Service and you’ll receive seven seasonally appropriate applications to your property - complete with full warranty and tailored to your specific needs.

During our initial visit, a Black Diamond Eradication Specialist will provide suggestions to help you and your family avoid attracting mosquitoes to your property.


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Deathly Serious

Joking aside, while many pests pose varying degrees of threat to humans, by far one of the deadliest on the planet is the Mosquito. In fact, mosquito-borne illnesses are responsible for millions of deaths annually worldwide. The diseases they commonly spread include Zika, West Nile, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and one of the most fatal diseases in history: Malaria.