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The honey bee is a variety of bee found worldwide that is known for its valuable role as a pollinator. These insects are social and organized, building their communities in a hive or nest and producing honey. Though they prefer the outdoors, they do at times build their hives in or near a home, presenting potential risks to health and property.  

Nests are often found near external parts of the home and inside walls. This can lead to a mess of honey in hard-to-reach parts of the home that may ferment, damage building materials, stain, and attract other insects. Additionally, the presence of bees near the home carries the risk of stings. Bees are not particularly aggressive but will attack if they feel threatened. A sting can result in mild pain, swelling, and at times a severe allergic reaction. Due to these risks and inconveniences, it is important to trust a licensed pest control professional to safely, effectively, and legally remove a hive from your home. 

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