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At Black Diamond Pest Control, we understand the distress and discomfort bed bugs can bring into your home or business. That's why we've harnessed the incredible power of our K9 Detection Unit to offer unparalleled accuracy in identifying bed bug infestations. Our NACPI-certified, highly trained bed bug sniffing dogs, alongside their expert handlers, provide a cutting-edge solution that combines efficiency with reliability, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Bed bug K9 detection services are available at our Jeffersonville, IN, location.


Accuracy: Our K9 teams boast a remarkable 98% accuracy rate, significantly higher than traditional detection methods. These canine heroes have the ability to detect live bed bugs and viable eggs with precision, even in the earliest stages of an infestation, in places inaccessible or invisible to human inspectors.

Speed: Time is of the essence in battling bed bug infestations. Our bed bug dogs expedite the identification process, allowing us to take swift action in treating your space, drastically reducing the time it takes to return your home or business to a safe and comfortable environment.

Discretion: We prioritize your privacy and peace of mind. Our K9 units operate with the utmost discretion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities or business operations.

Comprehensive Reporting: Post-inspection, you will receive a detailed report of our findings. This report not only highlights areas of concern but also guides our tailored treatment plan, ensuring a targeted approach to eradicating bed bugs from your premises.

Training: Our bed bug K9's keep their skills sharp with training on a weekly basis, sniffing out real bed bug samples in mockup treatment locations so they're ready for any challenge.

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Meet The K9 Team


Say hello to Maverick! Like his brother, he's been with us his whole life, and went through a year of training to earn his certification. With five human years of work and thirty five doggy years of experience, there's no one he'd rather sniff out bed bugs with than his beloved brother. When they're not playing around or enjoying their favorite kind of food (any you'll give them!) he loves lazy naps on the bed to rest after a good day's work.


Meet Rowdy! As his name suggests, he's a very playful pup who's been with us since he was born. He completed a year of training to earn his certification, and now at five years old, he's got thirty five years of experience in doggy years! When not enjoying tasty treats for a job well done, he loves grabbing one end of a rope toy and romping around while his brother holds the other half!



Lil Red



Training the Best Dogs in the Business

Our bed bug sniffing dogs train weekly at a number of locations to continuously enhance their noses’ capabilities and keep them sharp. During these weekly training sessions, a vial of live bed bugs is strategically placed in a room or apartment unit, typically in the corners of beds, couches, and other common areas where bed bugs like to hide. The dogs are then taken inside and begin their search, where they use their incredible noses to lead the K9 handler to the tiny insects within minutes.


The spring/summer and holiday travel season compels many homeowners to head out for a much-needed vacation, but these days it’s very likely you’ll bring home more than memories. An increase in travel inevitably leads to an increase in the spread of bed bugs due to their hitchhiking tendencies, as the small pests will clasp onto clothes, luggage, and any other personal belongings they can grab a hold of. Despite what many people believe, your level of cleanliness has no impact on how likely you are to be the victim of a bed bug infestation, as they have evolved to be picked up anywhere people gather.

If an infestation is suspected, searching for proof yourself can take hours, as these apple seed sized pests are masters of stealth. Instead of subjecting yourself to the headache of moving around and flipping furniture to visually locate bed bugs, have our K9s do the work! These dogs use their noses to zero in on their target, and they can detect the smell of live infestations within minutes. If our bed bug detecting K9 finds them on your property, the Black Diamond professionals will then know where and can focus the necessary bed bug treatments to rid your life of these blood sucking pests. Using our K9 unit for bed bug detection results in 98% or better accuracy!

If you are worried you may have a bed bug problem, but are unsure if there is an infestation, don’t hesitate to call 877-DEAD-BUG to schedule an evaluation with our bed bug sniffing K9. We’ll be there to help as soon as we can, tails wagging!


If you think you might have bed bugs in your place of business, don't worry! Our K9's are trained in a variety of environments, including commercial establishments, and these helpful pups can make the process of locating potential bed bug infestations much smoother. Due to their incredibly tiny size and their talent for squeezing into tight hiding spaces, it can be difficult to determine if and where exactly bed bugs might be hiding, and even a trained specialist can take hours to thoroughly survey a large site. This is where our K9's come in! Using their powerful noses, they can locate the problem far faster than any human, allowing treatment to begin that much sooner. You won't need to close down or worry about any significant disruptions to your business during these searches, as their handler only needs to guide the K9's through the establishment. If they detect bed bugs or viable eggs, the dogs will follow the trail and signal when they find the source. Should the dogs find live bugs, there's no need to panic! Black Diamond is here to help you treat these pests quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to business! We can usually schedule your first treatment in the same business week. Many infestations can be eradicated with one service; depending on the level of the infestation, multiple services may be required. We will work with you until every last pest has been cleared out.


Bed bugs can be a nightmare for homeowners and business owners alike, but with over 20,000 services annually, no one does bed bug control like Black Diamond! We consider all factors when starting bed bug treatment, and depending on your needs we have two highly effective options; heat treatment and chemical treatment. As an added form of protection, we also offer protective mattress covers that surround your mattress and keep these bloodsuckers from coming out for a midnight snack. Bed bugs can go up to six months without eating and they can also squeeze themselves into places we can't reach. As such, we've designed our treatment techniques to handle the challenge, so that not even the craftiest of bed bugs slips through the cracks. Black Diamond offers continued protection even after the bed bugs are eradicated. To get started with bed bug K9 detection services and expert level bed bug treatments, give us a call at 877-DEAD-BUG.

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Bed Bug K9 Detection Frequently Asked Questions

What is a K9 inspection?

Determining the presence of bed bugs always requires an inspection. A K9 bed bug inspection is an assessment that uses highly trained dogs, led by their handler, who instructs them to use their powerful noses to detect the presence of live bed bugs and viable eggs.

Why use a K9?

Though our technicians are some of the best in the business, humans simply don't have the nose power that a dog can use to sniff out a bed bug infestation. A technician must manually search every possible hiding place. To confirm the presence of live bed bugs, humans need to search by sight. When you're looking for a pest the size of an apple seed, that can take a while! A K9 bed bug inspection can sniff out even the smallest infestations in mere minutes.

How do the dogs find bed bugs?

Living bed bugs and viable eggs give off a particular smell that humans can't detect, but our dogs can pick up in seconds. From there, they trace it to the source.

Do the dogs enjoy looking for bed bugs?

It may be hard to believe, but they really do! Our bed bug sniffing dogs see searching for bed bugs more like a game, and there's nothing they love more than winning!

How accurate are the dogs?

Thanks to a powerful sense of smell and lots of training, our dogs have a detection accuracy rate just shy of 100%!

What do the dogs do when they find bed bugs?

The dogs will signal their handler by sitting and staring at the spot they detected the scent from.

How long will the dogs be in my home/place of business?

As speed is their strength, the dogs don't need to be on site very long to get the job done. Sometimes they find their targets in minutes! The size and layout of the structure will dictate how long the bed bug evaluation will be.

How were the dogs trained?

The training that the dogs went through to earn their certification involved a great deal of obedience and scent training, ensuring that they could track targets and communicate with their handler. These skills are kept sharp with regular training sessions, and we have an entire building that we utilize as a training facility that emulates residential and commercial settings. These resources allow our K9s to train daily in all of the situations they will face while on the job.

What do the dogs do outside of bed bug detection?

Our dogs live and work with their handler. When off the clock, they love all the usual dog favorites; playing, napping, enjoying treats, and being their lovable selves!

Can I pet the dogs?

While working, it's very important that the K9s are free of distractions, so they should be left to complete their task. They usually love attention, but always ask their handler beforehand.