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The Grass is Greener With Us.

Don’t leave your lawn’s health and appearance to chance with low-grade commercial or do-it-yourself lawncare products. We use only golf-course quality herbicides and fertilizers to make your lawn greener, thicker, and weed-free – guaranteed.


The Turf Transformation Agents at Black Diamond are specially trained to understand the unique lawncare needs in our area in order to provide the best maintenance services possible. These services include our ongoing Turf Maintenance Plan, which is comprised of six seasonally appropriate applications designed to keep your lawn in the best condition possible throughout the year. With each application, you will also receive helpful information and best practices to help ensure a healthier, greener lawn.

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Lawncare Services

Grub Control

Grub worms are the larva of the Japanese beetle, and both are pests to your lawn and landscaping. Grub worms feed on the root system of your lawn which causes severe stress and possible irreversible damage. 

Lime Application

Lime is applied to your lawn to help improve the condition of your soil. Most soils around this area tend to be acidic, and this treatment will help reduce the acids in your soil and make the PH more alkaline, ultimately allowing more nutrient uptake in your lawn. Magnesium and calcium, two necessary micro nutrients for your lawn, are also included in this application.

Power Seeding

Also called slit seeding, this is best for bare or very thin areas in lawn. This process involves forcing seed just below the surface of the soil with precise equipment to ensure best seed to soil contact.

Tree & Shrub Spray

Insects frequently feed on trees and shrubs. They can cause unsightly damage and sometimes even kill the plant. Frequent ornamental pests include but are not limited to: aphids, Japanese beetle, bagworms, spider mites, scale, etc. We use specific chemicals labeled for ornamental plants. This service is available as a preventative or curative application(s).

Aeration & Overseed

Aeration is the process of removing "cores" from the lawn, allowing for more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the root zone. This encourages healthier growth for any lawn. We then over seed the lawn. Aeration and over seeding is suggested for lawns that are relatively healthy. If there are large thin and bare areas power seeding would be suggested for those areas.

Grass Killouts

We will send an experienced technician to evaluate the lawn and determine if a kill out is necessary. If so, we will kill areas desired and quote cost to power seed those areas.

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