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Gray squirrels are common throughout North America. While they prefer wooded areas, they can also be found in urban and suburban settings where they can enjoy a diet of seeds, nuts, and vegetation. This fluffy-tailed rodent is a valuable member of the ecosystem and usually stays outdoors, causing little to no problem; however, they can become an issue when they enter a home.  

Home entry will usually occur where there are eaves or holes and easy access through nearby tree branches. In consideration of this, prevention will include sealing any holes or points of entry and trimming back tree branches. If prevention fails, a gray squirrel infestation can cause serious damage to the home, such as the nuisance of a nest, torn up insulation, and chewed electrical wires. If you notice these or sounds of scratching, chewing, and scurrying, it is likely that you have a gray squirrel or other rodent in your home. For safe and effective removal that limits further property damage, call your pest control professional.

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