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Termites, a cousin to the cockroach, are troublesome for homeowners. Commonly titled the “silent destroyer,” termites often go undetected within the structure of a home or surrounding property without any immediate or obvious warning signs. While they are thought of as mostly consuming wood, they will feed on any cellulose-based plant materials and can thrive in any type of home.  

Signs of an infestation include a swarm of winged ant-like insects in and around the home, cracked or bubbling paint, droppings, hollow-sounding wood (when tapped), mud tubes on structural surfaces, and discarded wings. These highly organized colonies thrive most where there are stacks of wood, wood structures near the ground, in damp soil, and in trees or shrubs near the home or building structure. Not to be underestimated, these destructive pests can cause significant property damage and require professional treatment.

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