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Grub Control

The Japanese beetle is a very recognizable pest, both in its larval form as a pale, fat grub that you’ve likely seen digging through your garden and the shiny green and brown adults that munch on plants. Few realize that they are the same creature, but most are painfully familiar with the destruction they wreak on landscaping.

The grubs eat the roots of most common grasses, sickening them and leaving your yard with patches of brown as their snacking inevitably kills the plants. They keep their destructive habits into adulthood, at which point they start munching away at leaves instead of roots, which results in damage to the plant that is often fatal.

As these pests are invasive, they have no natural predators to prevent them from infesting every yard they find, making treatment a must to prevent permanent damage. Here at Black Diamond, we go after the grubs with targeted treatments to ensure they don’t grow into leaf eating adults. Japanese Beetles may be hardy and voracious, but their appetite is no match for our skilled technicians! Keep your yard from becoming a beetle buffet with our grub control!