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1 in 4 Homes Has Termites.
Does Yours?

To refer to termites as a pest is an understatement. Termites cost property owners in the US over $5 billion dollars each year, and the worst part is most people are unaware that termites are slowly eating away at what is likely one of their biggest investments.

At Black Diamond, we have the expertise and tools necessary to rid your home or business of these destructive insects, and we back it all up with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Also, we’re not only an industry leader in termite eradication, we’re also skilled in the prevention of these costly pests.

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Termite Services

Free Termite Estimates

Suspect you have termites nibbling away at your home? Call Black Diamond at 877-DEAD-BUG and we’ll inspect your property for these wood-destroying terrors – for FREE. If no termites are found, we’ll say, “Congratulations”, share a few preventative strategies, and be on our way. If we do find termite activity, our technicians will work with you to outline a plan of attack for expeditious eradication.

Real Estate Inspections

You may think there’s nothing worse than hearing, “You have termites” when selling a home, but at Black Diamond we turn this potential roadblock into a small, insignificant speed bump on the road to closing a sale. Call Black Diamond for your real estate inspection needs and we’ll provide prompt inspections and quick solutions for your eradication needs.

Preventative Services

For those who do not currently have termites but would like to take a proactive approach to deter future infestations, Black Diamond has a plan for you. We offer liquid chemical and/or bait systems depending on your wants/needs. For more information, please see our Termite Shield and Total Property Protection pages.


Curative Services

If you have termites, no problem. Our team of termite eradication experts will go to work for you and have your home or business termite-free in no time. Our techniques have a proven success rate. In fact, Black Diamond termite treatments boast a 99.87% success rate, whereas research shows some companies have treatment failure rates of 20% – 30%. Learn more about our three levels of Termite Shield treatment options.


Termite Control Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have termites?

If you have termites, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • Swarmers: Termites often swarm in early Spring and after a rain shower to start new colonies. The swarming event can be brief, so even if you do not see flying termites, you are likely to see the discarded wings around window sills, doors, heating vents, bathtubs and sinks after a swarm takes place. Termite swarmers use their wings to move away from their original colony. Their wings break off and they pair up and find locations with a wood source where the male and female can begin a new colony. Whether you see the swarm or think there might have been one, call Black Diamond asap!
  • Live insects: keep an eye out for soft-bodied, light-colored insects about the size of a grain of rice. Termites avoid light, so they are seldom visible in open areas
  • Mud tubes: Foraging worker termites, the ones that eat wood to feed the rest of the colony, must stay in moist conditions and away from natural enemies like ants. To get across barriers between the soil and the wood above, termites construct small, meandering mud tubes from moist soil and excrement. The tubes are about the diameter of a pencil, though they can become wider. Tubes can be seen on foundation walls or inside walls, on plumbing pipes and spanning crawl spaces between the ground and the subfloor. These termite highways are a sure sign that termites are or have been in the home.
  • Damaged wood: Termites eat wood from the inside out along the grain, so damage often isn’t visible until it becomes significant. Termite inspectors often will tap to listen for hollow-sounding wall studs, baseboards and floors. If the wood gives way, it may reveal a hollowed-out honeycomb pattern. The wood also will include some mud similar to mud tubes, plus live termites.

Are termites active year-round?

Yes. Termites never sleep—they are always eating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Termites swarm in the spring. The "swarmers" emerge from their nest, then land to shed their wings and mate to begin new colonies. Swarming termites are a sure sign that there is an infestation nearby.

How do I know if it is a termite swarmer or a flying ant?

Swarming termites and ants look similar and are easily misidentified. The clearest way to distinguish them is to examine the wings. Termite Swarmers have two sets of wings of equal length. The front pair of wings on a swarmer ant is longer than the back pair. There are other distinguishing characteristics: An ant will appear to have two indentions and three sections on its body, whereas a termite appears to have one indention and two sections on its body. Ants also have a joint in their antenna while termites do not. But here’s the biggest difference: Ants are usually just a nuisance. Termites damage your home.

Do you offer termite warranties?

Yes. Full Termite Treatments come with a one-year annually renewable warranty. We also have new levels of protection that can give you up to a three-year warranty!