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Honey Bee Relocation Lexington, KY

Honey Bee Relocation Overview
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Honey Bee Relocation
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Honey Bee Relocation

Honey Bee Relocation Lexington, KY

Honey Bee Relocation

Do you have honey bees buzzing around your home? Don’t let these pesky pollinators disrupt your summer fun here in Lexington, Kentucky — give Black Diamond Pest Control a call. As one of nature’s most beloved pollinators, we take pride in the time and attention we devote to the relocation of honey bees. With our honey bee removal services at Black Diamond, we are always happy to take on the task of safely extracting the bees for relocation to local bee farms — minimizing the risk to you and your family while returning these pesky critters to their natural habitat.

When it comes to effectively removing a honey bee hive from your home or business in Lexington, don’t put yourself at risk trying to capture them on your own. Our specially trained honey bee removal specialists employ special tools and techniques to remove bees from your property safely. Black Diamond technicians are licensed and insured to perform professional cut out removals of honey bee hives. Our established relationships with a number of local beekeepers and beekeepers’ associations enable us to relocate these pollinators to local bee farms where they are needed most.

Ready to give those pesky pollinators a new home? Call 877-DEAD-BUG to learn more about our honey bee relocation services in Lexington.

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Mold Remediation

With years of experience and extensive training, Black Diamond is equipped to handle any mold problem in your home or business. Our mold remediation services are backed by $5 million in general liability insurance coverage and a separate $1 million policy covering repairs. Most importantly, our work is backed by a company with a solid reputation built on eighty years of customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that your home and safety are in good hands with Black Diamond’s skilled team of certified mold remediation experts.

Crawlspace Services

We offer several crawl space services including moisture control, conditioning, and encapsulation. We’ll work within your budgetary constraints to increase ventilation, ensure adequate insulation, and minimize evaporation issues. We install crawlspace dehumidifiers and web re-enforced vapor barriers that will condition your crawlspace year-round. There are many options in this area and our skilled team is happy to offer you the information and professional experience that will help you make the right decision based on your particular situation.

Sump Pump Systems

Black Diamond installs full and limited sump pump systems in crawlspaces, when needed, in order to eliminate and prevent standing water. We can also install moisture control measures around the exterior, if warranted, and recommend whether or not other steps such as grading or other exterior drainage work may be needed.


If you are having an issue with high humidity or musty smells in your home or business, we can install the perfect system for you. Black Diamond installs both stand-alone dehumidifiers and whole home systems that will work in conjunction with your current HVAC system. This will ensure there is an appropriate distribution of dry air throughout your structure. We also have the ability to install multiple sizes and brands at various price points to meet your needs and your budget.

Air-duct Cleaning

Indoor dust and other contaminants are circulated through the HVAC system several times per day. These contaminants can negatively affect your family’s health. Our duct cleaning services can remove allergens in order to promote a safer living environment and improve HVAC efficiency. We offer hassle-free pricing and perform services in accordance with the strictest industry standards.

Damage Repairs

Black Diamond is a licensed general contractor and has been repairing homes for over 20 years. Our damage repair division is equipped to restore structural stability to your home after moisture, mold, termite or any other factor has weakened your wood structure. You can rest assured that your home and safety are in good hands with Black Diamond’s skilled, prompt and courteous team of professionals.

Honey Bee Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honey bees dangerous?

An estimated 5% to 7.5% of the population will suffer a severe allergic reaction to insect stings in their lifetime, according to the Journal of Asthma and Allergy. Many do not know they are allergic until they suffer a sting. Also, some species of Honey Bees are more aggressive than others, so it’s important to call professionals who have experience dealing with all Honey Bee types. It’s best for both the people living/working nearby and the bees themselves to be relocated to a safer area.

Why can't I just call a beekeeper to have them come get the bees?

We see many instances where Honey Bees have built their colonies inside the walls of homes and businesses. Black Diamond is licensed and insured to perform cut out removals of a bee population, while local individuals and associations are not. We are always happy to work in tandem with local associations and beekeepers to relocate the bees to their preferred location.

Can a Honey Bee infestation really cause that much damage?

The size of a Honey Bee colony can be quite impressive, that’s why it’s best to call a professional to remedy the situation as soon as you notice an infestation. For example, one cutout performed by a Black Diamond location uncovered a hive of nearly 70,000 honey bees which measured almost 4 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall. This hive was in the wall of a local business pre-opening day.

Is it true that Honey Bees are protected by law?

Honey Bees are not endangered or protected by law when they pose a threat to or are in direct conflict with humans (though some species may be an exception – which is why a professional is needed). Black Diamond will always follow local, state and national laws in regard to extermination or removal of any pest. Our preferred method of dealing with a nuisance Honey Bee population is removal and relocation.


Ready to give your home or business total property protection? That's great! Give us a call, send us an email, or live chat with us now and we will get you started!

Grub Control

Grub worms are the larva of the Japanese beetle, and both are pests to your lawn and landscaping. Grub worms feed on the root system of your lawn which causes severe stress and possible irreversible damage.

Lime Application

Lime is applied to your lawn to help improve the condition of your soil. Most soils around this area tend to be acidic, and this treatment will help reduce the acids in your soil and make the PH more alkaline, ultimately allowing more nutrient uptake in your lawn. Magnesium and calcium, two necessary micro nutrients for your lawn, are also included in this application.

Power Seeding

Also called slit seeding, this is best for bare or very thin areas in lawn. This process involves forcing seed just below the surface of the soil with precise equipment to ensure best seed to soil contact.

Tree & Shrub Spray

Insects frequently feed on trees and shrubs. They can cause unsightly damage and sometimes even kill the plant. Frequent ornamental pests include but are not limited to: aphids, Japanese beetle, bagworms, spider mites, scale, etc. We use specific chemicals labeled for ornamental plants. This service is available as a preventative or curative application(s).

Aeration & Overseed

Aeration is the process of removing "cores" from the lawn, allowing for more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the root zone. This encourages healthier growth for any lawn. We then over seed the lawn. Aeration and over seeding is suggested for lawns that are relatively healthy. If there are large thin and bare areas power seeding would be suggested for those areas.

Grass Killouts

We will send an experienced technician to evaluate the lawn and determine if a kill out is necessary. If so, we will kill areas desired and quote cost to power seed those areas.