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February 13, 2017

Do you love Black Diamond? Do you love your year-round pest control service or turf maintenance? Do you love the technician that services your home? Black Diamond cares about what our customers think, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to know what you love about our company! Let us know how your technician went above and beyond or just how nice our customer service agents were, and of course, we always love to hear how we can improve as well. It is our mission to strive to provide the very best customer services in the pest control and home services industries. The following is a list of why we think we are pretty awesome! These are some of the reasons why we believe new and old customers alike will love doing business with Black Diamond.

We keep your children and pets (and yourself!) safe. With the amount of pests that carry and spread dangerous diseases, it is important to implement a continuous year-round pest control service for your home. The infestation and growth of insects, rodents, and wild animals needs to be continuously checked and maintained to keep your family safe. With Black Diamond’s Exterior Service Program, the treatment is performed on the exterior of the home which provides an extra level of safety for your children and pets, as well as provides easy scheduling. Upgrade your ESP to the Black Diamond No Problem Plan to protect your home against bed bugs, termites, and wild animals in addition to the quarterly ESP services.

We save you time and money. Many people believe that taking care of their own pest control and lawn care will save them money, when in fact, the opposite is true. Obviously, your time is saved when you are not having to do this work yourself! When it comes to renting or buying professional equipment and treatment products, it can get quite expensive. Black Diamond already has all of the equipment needed, as well as our trained professionals who know how to use it. Also, lawn and pest control products work best when they are applied correctly, so the quality and results are also improved when Black Diamond is in charge of your lawn and pest control.

We do more than just pest control. If you love one service from us, you will love them all! From pest control and wildlife control to lawn care, landscaping, and water damage restoration and mold remediation, Black Diamond can truly handle it all! Don’t forget about our Air Duct Cleaning and Snow Removal services, too!

We go the extra mile. Our employees are trained to go the extra mile and strive for 5! Whether you notice our technicians bringing in your trash cans or recycling bins when your service takes place on a trash day or when our customer service agent magically has a technician arrive at your home within the same day for your pest emergency, our employees love going the extra mile to satisfy our customers. Don’t be afraid to ask us to take care of something for you because we guarantee to always do the work with a smile!

We clean up the mess. Unlike many other home service companies, after our technicians leave you wouldn’t even notice that we had been there! If we make a mess that was not there before, we would never leave it behind. From clean up after wild animal services and landscaping jobs or always wearing shoe covers into the house, we make sure to leave your home in even better condition than we originally find it!

Don’t forget to leave a review on Google or Facebook to let us know how our employees went above and beyond! Feel free to send us a direct message on our website or on our Facebook page as well. We love our customers, and we are proud to serve the Southern Indiana and Louisville market, as well as Indianapolis, Lexington, Bardstown, and Elizabeth down (with more locations to come!) Most importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the married couples, single folk, our employees and customers, as well as the insects around the world.