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August 26, 2016

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Beyond our heat and chemical treatment, we offer the most effective bed bug detection method in the market: trained bed bug sniffing K-9. Our highly trained bed bug dogs can pinpoint infestations in minutes with no inconvenience to the property owners. While humans are restricted to sight when inspecting, a trained dog can detect live bed bugs and viable eggs by smell. This method results in 98% or better accuracy!

Our bed bug sniffing K-9 train weekly at various locations around town to continuously enhance their noses’ capabilities. We currently have three working dogs employed here at Black Diamond. Two of them are Patterdale Terriers (and brothers!) named Bugsy and Zachary, and the other is a Belgian Malinois named Mia. These three dogs have a combined 11 years in the workforce (that’s 77 years in dog years!)

During the weekly training sessions, a vile of bed bugs is strategically placed in each room or apartment unit, in the corners of beds, couches, and other surrounding areas where bed bugs are typically found. The dogs are then taken into the space in which they lead the K-9 handler to the tiny insects within minutes thanks to the use of their incredible noses. Our Patterdale Terriers are rewarded with a tennis ball and our Belgian Malinois is rewarded with an edible treat upon the finding of live bed bugs or eggs. They work hard for the treats they love most!

Bed bugs are always dead bugs with Black Diamond! If you are worried you may have a bed bug problem, but are unsure if there is an infestation, don’t hesitate to call 877-DEAD-BUG to schedule an evaluation with our bed bug sniffing K-9. And oh yeah, happy National Dog Day! We’re lucky to have these dogs at the office with us every day.

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