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Don't Play Nice With Mice

September 29, 2022

Every year, an incredibly tiny pest creates very big problems in homes across the world, and they have no intent on stopping any time soon. The common house mouse is rarely more than a few inches long and weighs in at about one-half to one ounce, but don’t let their size fool you. Though it’s hard to truly measure the scope of their destruction, conservative estimates say these rodents rack up billions of dollars in damages every year, tearing their way through homes, businesses, and farms, all while helping themselves to any food they find along the way.

Though they will gladly take whatever food they can, the real destruction mice cause is due to their constantly growing teeth, which they must wear down to prevent discomfort. In the wild they use whatever tough natural materials they can find, but there are plenty of items in your home that will do the job. From your furniture, to the wires running through the walls, to the very walls themselves; the modern home is their ideal dental plan.

Human homes make ideal conditions for rodents year-round, but come fall and winter, the warmth and food will make your house irresistible to any mouse seeking shelter from the cold. Sneaking in through whatever crevices they can find, these tiny invaders can fit through just about any entrance they can fit their head inside. A single hole the width of a pencil is all they need. Once settled, they’ll start having babies, and a single pair could fill your home with the pitter patter of hundreds of little feet in mere months. Though they only live for about a year on average, they make every second count.

Mice are far from courteous houseguests. In addition to contaminating your food, which they’ll freely help themselves to, they will start tearing things apart to build their nests. Any soft material they can find is acceptable for them, whether it be insulation, clothing, fabric from furniture, or whatever else they can carry back to their burrows. Once the growing family is settled, they’ll start chewing, and they won’t ever stop. Should they chew through any active wires, you could lose power at best, and your entire home at worst, because electrical fires due to rodents account for hundreds of millions of dollars a year in insurance claims. That’s to say nothing of the holes you’ll find in your drywall, the pellets they leave behind, or the musky, ammonia-like smell they leave in their wake ruining your day-to-day life.

While a single mouse may not seem alarming, their capacity to develop a destructive infestation before you even know they’re there means that swift, professional action is warranted if you suspect mice have entered your home. At BlackDiamond, we offer preventative and treatment services to handle any stage of a mouse infestation, and our technicians can work with your individual home to protect it from future harm. If you have any questions about how Black Diamond can protect your home from mice or other furry invaders, give us a call at 877-DEAD-BUG and ask about our Pest Control solutions today!