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Yellow jackets are flying, stinging insects. As their name suggests, yellow is a primary color in the appearance of yellow jackets, usually paired with either black or white stripes, although sometimes they are only black and white with no yellow. Yellow jackets are also small compared to other wasp species and are usually identified with an established hive. 

Unlike most other wasp species’ hives, yellow jackets prefer to stay close to or in the ground. This can be observed near the base of trees, porch steps, and walkway cracks. They sometimes will also nest in slightly elevated areas, such as low branches or low bushes. Due to their low-lying habitats, it is easy for unsuspecting humans or pets to stumble upon a nest and incite defensive measures from the colony.  

When a nest is threatened, yellow jackets will aggressively swarm and sting. Like some other wasp species, these are able to sting repeatedly, causing pain and potential allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to yellow jacket stings can be severe and require medical attention. 

Due to the vigilant defenses of yellow jackets, it can be difficult for homeowners to safely and effectively remove nests on their own. Black Diamond pest control offers the experience and resources to professionally remove yellow jacket nests and restore peace to your yard.

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