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Wood roaches are a variety of cockroach that originates in North America. These are similar in appearance to other cockroaches, bearing a brown coloring, oval-shaped body, six legs, and two relatively long antennae. While most roach species are known for their attraction to indoor dwellings, the wood roach is primarily an outdoor creature. However, they do at times find their way indoors. 

As their name suggests, wood roaches enjoy habitats rich in wood material, such as mulch, tree bark, and wood piles. They also require moisture for survival. Because of this, it is not surprising that they seldom go indoors and, once there, do not live long or multiply. They are much more likely to be found outside around a homeowner’s property and are merely a nuisance pest. If a home is nestled in a heavily wooded area, however, house visits from these pests may be more common and require preventative measures or treatment from a professional. 

To prevent wood roaches, a homeowner should be sure to inspect firewood before bringing it inside, distance outdoor wood piles from the exterior of the home and keep them elevated slightly, seal exterior cracks and holes, and keep indoor lights turned off at night as much as possible. Again, if one lives in a heavily wooded area, these preventative measures may be insufficient, and it is recommended to include professional treatment for a consistent and effective solution. 

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