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Timber rattlers, or rattlesnakes, are common and well known in the U.S. This distinctive snake measures up to 8’ in length and varies in color from black, to browns and grays, with either dark or light color patterns. This appearance allows them to camouflage easily in nature, however, they aren’t afraid to make their presence known with the distinctive rattle on the end of their tails. 

As a cold-blooded reptile, rattlesnakes prefer habitats where they can sunbathe. Around the home, this may include the driveway or yard. At times, they will enter a home, usually to pursue small prey. Wherever you may find one, there is always the risk of a dangerous bite. Rattlesnake bites are very poisonous and cause pain, numbness in the face or bitten limb, nausea and vomiting, labored breathing, sweat, dizziness, and, rarely, permanent tissue damage or death.  

If a rattlesnake is suspected nearby, do not under any circumstances approach it. Leave it alone and immediately contact pest control to safely remove it. 

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