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Silverfish are small insects that, hence their name, are a brownish gray or silvery blue color. They also have a distinctive droplet shape and three elongated appendages at their backside, the middle of which is noticeably longer.  

These pests are nocturnal, fast-moving, and prefer moist environments. When seen, they are often in basements, kitchens, restrooms, and storage areas. Because of their small size and discrete behaviors, silverfish easily go undetected and can safely reproduce without a homeowner’s immediate knowledge. During an infestation, these pests will cause damage to books, fabrics, and stored foods. They also draw other pests to the home as a food source, may cause mild allergic reactions, and are a general nuisance. 

Preventative measures can include fastidious cleaning, careful inspection of used or stored items, and keeping the humidity in one’s home low. In the event of an infestation, there are DIY methods to repel or kill insects; however, none of these attack the root of the problem. For a thorough approach, call your local pest control professional.  

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