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Shrews are small animals, similar in size to a mouse. These creatures are common in North America and prefer habitats with small shrubs and access to nesting materials, such as grass and leaves. Their diet consists of small insects, spiders, and other small animals.  

On personal property, shrews are a nuisance. They cause damage to gardens, will attack pets and bite humans if roughly handled, contaminate food sources, and produce a pungent odor.  

They can be positively identified by their angled head shape, long nose, thick fur, 

five-clawed feet, and corkscrew-shaped droppings. An infestation is most likely to occur outdoors, as shrews do not survive very long indoors. Additionally, the wily nature of a shrew makes mitigation measures a challenge for homeowners. For effective removal, trust the expertise of a pest control professional.  

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