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Phorid flies, also called the “humpbacked flies,” are small, dark-colored, flying insects. These pests are attracted to sources of food and hospitable breeding areas, which includes decomposing food, animals, and moist plumbing fixtures. Although these are the initial attractants, Phorid flies will often multiply through other areas of a home without discrimination, causing a significant nuisance.  

Due to their diet of decaying matter, these pests also tend to carry pathogens and risk infecting humans, pets, and contaminating water and food sources in the home. The most expensive consequence of a Phorid fly infestation is their potential harm to plumbing, which can require the assistance of a professional plumber and involve costly repairs. 

An infestation of Phorid flies can be identified by visible flies on common surfaces and audible buzzing. If an infestation is suspected, it is important to contact your trusted pest control professional, who can inspect your home and plan a strategic treatment. 

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