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Paper wasps are a variety of wasps, which are flying, stinging insects. There are several types of wasps within the paper wasp category, approximately 22 of which reside in North America. The paper wasp gets its name from the papery material of its nests and is also sometimes referred to as an “umbrella wasp” for the umbrella-like shape of the nests. In appearance, these pests are dark in color with either yellow or reddish markings and measure up to ¾” in length.  

Paper wasps are omnivorous, eating both nectar and other small insects. As a semi-social creature, they will build shared nests that generally hang from branches, eaves, door frames, and other elevated structures. These naturally encourage a continued presence of multiple wasps near the home, causing disturbance and potential stinging. Paper wasps are not particularly aggressive; however, they will strike and sting if they or their nest is threatened. Side effects of a paper wasp sting include pain, redness, swelling, and occasionally an allergic reaction. 

An established paper wasp nest can be difficult and dangerous to remove without the help of a professional. Naturally, the hive will feel threatened and react aggressively. For safe and effective wasp nest removal, contact your trusted pest control service.  

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