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Opossums are a type of marsupial that is common throughout North America, excluding the Rocky Mountains region and some northern areas. These animals are approximately the same size as a domestic cat and have short hair that is usually white or gray. Their most distinguishing features are their long, hairless tail, pointed face, rounded ears, and dark, beady eyes.  

These animals may become a problem for homeowners when they take up residence in or near one’s home. As they are attracted to established shelters, they may enter garages, logs or brush near a house, or attics. Once in these areas, they can cause significant damage by digging, chewing, and building messy nests. Additionally, when threatened, an opossum will play dead and emit a strong and foul smell, but they will rarely bite. If an individual comes into contact with an opossum, it is important to keep a safe distance. To avoid any risk of disease or possible bite, allow a pest control professional to safely remove any opossums from your home. 

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