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House mice are small rodents with short hair and a long tail. They vary in appearance from shades of brown, to gray, and sometimes black, always with a lighter shade on their under-side. Due to their tiny size, mice are able to enter the home and hide throughout using any hole bigger than the diameter of a pencil. This is most common during colder months or poor weather conditions, when a mouse may seek shelter. Once a mouse is in the home, their stealth and resiliency allow them to thrive and reproduce, resulting in an infestation.  

Signs of an infestation include visible mice, small pellet droppings, footprints, audible chewing or visible signs of chewing, audible scurrying and squeaks in the wall or ceiling, nests near insulation and other soft materials, and an odor. The risks of an infestation are primarily health and cleanliness, as these rodents can carry diseases and contaminate stored food sources. If you notice any of the indicators of an infestation, it is important to contact your pest control professional to develop a treatment plan before the infestation is larger and more challenging to address. 

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