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Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks or whistle pigs, are common throughout the U.S. Though affectionately associated with the Groundhog Day tradition, these animals will wreak havoc on property, including: 

  • Digging up gardens, fields, and orchards
  • Burrowing around fences, home foundations, and trees
  • Creating dangerous and unsightly holes in the ground
  • Damaging electrical wires

In addition to the property damage they cause, Groundhogs can carry fleas, ticks, and rabies and transmit these to pets and livestock. However, they are not aggressive toward or attracted to humans and are not a serious threat to human health. To prevent a Groundhog infestation, it is critical to seal off or repair any points of entry to the home, especially near the foundation, with caulk or mesh. In the event of an infestation developing, it is important to quickly address the problem with the help of a trained pest control professional. 

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