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Foxes are petite mammals, about the size of a small dog, that vary in color from the well-known reddish orange, to brown, gray, or white. Preferring the outdoors, they will often be found on farms and in suburbs that are near wooded areas. When near a home or farm, they may make a temporary den beneath decks and similar areas, where they are a noisy and unwelcome guest. They may also terrorize easy prey, such as small pets, chickens, or baby livestock. In addition, the gray fox can transmit rabies and may attack a human if rabid. 

Because of these risks, quickly identifying and addressing an infestation is critical. Signs of an infestation include pets or livestock with rabies symptoms, yipping and scurrying noises under a porch or deck, hairy droppings among nearby bushes, rocks, and logs, and a noticeable musty odor. To safely and effectively evict these animals, trust your pest control professional. 

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