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Fruit flies are small, flying insects that congregate around produce, particularly fruit, that is ripe or rotten and fermented beverages, like alcohol. These pests are especially active in the warmer months and are attracted to areas where homeowners may not realize there is a trace food source. This can include drains, garbage disposals, and garbage cans. Once a fruit fly is attracted to the home, it quickly becomes an infestation. These pests reproduce at a rate of up to 500 eggs per day and have the potential to contaminate foods with their presence and the pathogens they carry. 

You may have an infestation present if fruit flies are clearly visible. Their pupae, which appear brown with a small horn on each end, may also be observed near breeding materials and areas. Preventing a fruit fly infestation includes careful, air-tight storage of foods, keeping drains and other common breeding areas clean, and wiping down cooking and dining surfaces regularly. If an infestation appears to be active, there are safe and effective DIY methods to end the life cycle and infestation, but the most certain way to be rid of these pests is to allow your pest control professional to assess and plan an ongoing, strategic approach. 

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