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The fox squirrel is widespread throughout North America. These animals appear and behave like your typical squirrel. They are most active in the daytime, live in trees, and enjoy a diet of seeds and vegetation insects, carrion, and bird eggs. While they are outdoors, fox squirrels are a valuable member of the ecosystem. However, when they build their nest in the home, they can cause problems. 

Fox squirrels are often infested with fleas, mites, and other parasites and can carry diseases transmittable to humans and pets. Additionally, their satellite nests can cause damage to the area where they’re built, such as chimneys, beneath a roof, in walls, or in sheds and garages. When outdoors, they also damage gardens and deplete bird feeders of their supply. Their speed and mobility can make them a formidable pest to control; however, a licensed pest control professional can safely and legally assist with removal and prevention. 

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