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Drain flies are a type of flying insect that is small in size. As its name suggests, these flies are attracted to stagnant water, where they lay their eggs. In a residence, they will commonly infest basements, drains, and windows and are a sure sign of a clogged drain. Because they reproduce in large quantities, they may cause additional clogs in pipes, spreading bacteria and potentially contaminating food and water. However, they are not reported to carry any disease to humans. 

The most common sign of a drain fly infestation is the presence of adults resting on bathroom walls or near their breeding site, where larvae may also be visibly present. When strategizing removal, the most effective method is to remove and clean the breeding area. Simple drain cleaner is not sufficient to clean the area. A pest control professional can implement an effective solution to rid your home of these pests. After professional removal, the adults will live for approximately 20 more days but will be unable to reproduce with no remaining breeding site, and the infestation will end.

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