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Clover mites are tiny red insects found commonly in well-fertilized grassy areas. Unlike other varieties of mites, the clover mite does not feed on blood or fibrous materials, such as curtains or upholstery. Rather, their main food source is juice from plants. Because of this, they both prefer the outdoors and are not a danger to humans or property.  

On occasion, they will enter the home and cause a nuisance with their presence and the red stains left behind when crushed. These stains are not blood and are simply the natural red pigment of the mite. They are more often an issue for multi-story buildings, such as apartments or condos, where rooftops and patios supply plenteous mold and mildew to eat.  

Prevention of a clover mite invasion is tricky. A homeowner may seal any external cracks and holes, but the tiny size of this insect allows it to enter a home through the smallest of crevices. Once indoors, they do not live long, but a heavy infestation, while temporary, can be a serious nuisance and require the assistance of professional pest control. 

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