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Often mistaken for the European Hornet, the Cicada Killer Wasp is a large flying, stinging insect. While the name suggests a serious level of danger, these pests are relatively non-aggressive and have less potent stings than their other wasp relatives. However, an infestation is still problematic for property owners.  

Cicada Killer Wasps are attracted to outdoor habitats with access to sunlight, often near trees where cicadas live, and also burrow in the ground. The male Cicada Killer Wasp cannot sting but will try to defend its territory by diving toward perceived threats, causing more fear than anything. Their females are capable of stinging, unlike their smaller male counterparts, and will attack when provoked. The sting is not severe but is uncomfortable nonetheless.  

For a property owner, the main concern from an infestation is the general fear these large creatures cause. While there are DIY methods to managing an infestation with insecticide, these chemicals carry some risks when mishandled, and a homeowner or business owner is wise to trust a professional with a thorough, safe solution. 

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