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Chipmunks are small rodents found in North America. They often make themselves at home near private residences and wherever plant-based food sources can be found. Despite their cute, fluffy appearance, these creatures can be unwelcome guests in your yard. They often burrow holes throughout private yards, causing unsightly holes and structural damage to decks, sheds, and similar outdoor structures, even the ground beneath your home. Additionally, they are known to help themselves to your garden for food, undoing months of landscaping work, and often empty bird feeders of their supply as well.  

Mitigating a chipmunk problem starts with prevention. This can be accomplished by removing unnecessary woodpiles and other vegetative material from around the home, setting bird feeders and other such feeders above ground, and setting traps. However, the best efforts at times can still let enough chipmunks slip through to result in an infestation. When this happens, it is best to trust your local pest control professional for assistance.  

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