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Centipedes, also called “house centipedes” or “hundred leggers,” are common throughout the US. They are rarely seen due to their speed and preference for discrete areas. When invading a home, they typically take up residence in damp basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms, or potted plants. Around the property outside, you may find them in the garbage, piles of leaves, or under rotting rocks and logs, where it is moist. 

These are mostly a nuisance and rarely a threat; however, all centipedes are able to inflict a venomous bite if threatened. Their bite is painful, can break the skin, and can cause swelling, but is not likely to require medical attention. To rid your home of these pests, you can simply vacuum them up. However, if an infestation is suspected, trust a pest control professional to inspect and treat your home. 

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