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Carpet beetles earn their name from their larvae seeking food supplies from fibers such as carpets. Their diet, however, is not limited to carpet. They also enjoy wool, leather, feathers, dead insects, and silk. In their quest to eat, they often cause damage to household items and clothing. In addition, they can be problematic as a skin irritant, as their larvae have short, irritating hairs on their bodies. Once they reach adulthood, carpet beetles prefer a diet of pollen. Overall, these little critters thrive in the home and easily become a resilient infestation. Identifying an infestation is as simple as a sighting of a larvae or adult and noticing the damage to household items that they leave behind. Ridding your home of an infestation can prove tricky for a non-professional, but a professional can offer the tools and expertise to manage these pests and treat your home. 

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