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Carpenter ants are easily identifiable, as they are one of the largest ants in the US. They typically are black but can also be a red, orange, brown, or yellow hue, sometimes even a mixture of two colors. These socially organized insects are problematic when they infest a property because of the damage they cause. A colony of carpenter ants will build their nests using materials from your home, which they gather by digging tunnels through wooden beams and supports. These tunnels then weaken the structural integrity of your home, similar to the damage of termites. 

You may have an infestation if you notice worker ants crawling around, winged swarmers, which are a sign of a mature infestation, wood debris, ant parts, and a rusting sound of the colony moving inside a wall or other structure. Once an infestation is identified, it is critical to have a professional perform an inspection to locate the nest and treat it. Any DIY methods will often neglect fully treating the nest, costing additional time and effort and, ultimately, not ending the infestation. 

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