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August 22, 2016

1. They’re not just found in beds.
Despite their name, bed bugs do not only hang in beds. They are also found on sofas, chairs, and areas near where people sleep and lounge. Beyond the home though, bed bugs can be found in trains, planes, and automobiles. There are reports of bed bugs in department stores, on the NYC subways, offices, daycares, and in people’s luggage. Before your next trip, check out this luggage that will put the heat on bed bugs before making it home with you.

2. They are hitchhiking masters.
People tend to think that only dirty and cluttered bedrooms attract bed bugs. Some nice and clean, even new, hotels may come up with reports of bed bugs due to a bed bug’s hitchhiking nature. They attach to people’s clothes and luggage to make it from place to place with them. While traveling keep your suitcase zipped when not in use and prop them on luggage racks, tables, or even in the bathtub overnight.

3. They multiply… fast.
A single female can lay five eggs per day and up to 600 eggs during her lifetime. One female bed bug and her offspring can create an infestation of hundreds of thousands in just a few months.

4. They often go unnoticed until the problem becomes large.
They are tiny creatures that are difficult to spot, and their eggs are close to invisible by the eye. When the problem is unknown, we have the most effective bed bug detection method in the market — a trained bed bug sniffing K9. Our trained dogs on staff are trained not only to sniff out bed bugs but also their eggs. Our dogs lead our technicians to where bed bugs are hiding so the areas can be treated.

5. The problem has significantly increased in the U.S.
Bed bugs are found year-round, but tend to increase during the summer months due to higher traveling rates. Pest control companies get more and more calls for bed bug treatments each year. In a recent study, bed bugs have not seemed to increase since 2013 but are still much higher than five years ago.

6. People avoid and elevate the problem.
Instead of treating the problem, people tend to try avoiding it. People often throw furniture and mattresses to the curb instead of seeking professional help. Getting rid of where you find the main group of bugs does not truly avoid the problem, but only elevates it. Strangers may pick up your used furniture and spread the problem into their own home. Plus, it is likely that bed bugs and eggs are still present in your bedroom and home.

7. Only a professional can guarantee the problem gets eliminated.
Common bed bugs are small, thin, and can hide deep in narrow cracks. Unfortunately bed bugs can detect, and often avoid, chemical deposits in some cleaning agents making DIY measures ineffective. This makes it near impossible for people to get rid of them on their own. Products can also claim to be effective for bed bugs without proof. At Black Diamond, we have professional and experienced technicians, plus bed bug detecting K9, to handle all bed bug problems.