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February 6, 2018

It’s that time of year again! The day when flowers, chocolates and novelty teddy bears fly off the shelves, over the top dates are planned, and those that are single avoid like the plague. Insects and other pests may not be aware of Valentine’s Day but they do participate in activities that sometimes result in an infestation. Although birds and bees do regularly reproduce, we’ve compiled a list of the pests that multiply quickly that you should keep an eye out for so they don’t drain that date night fund.

Mice: Rabbits may have the most common reputation for being big breeders but mice aren’t far behind. A female mouse can have an average litter of six every month! And the babies from that litter, they can start breeding the following month. Talk about growing up fast. It’s no wonder that when left uncontrolled their populations reach plague-like numbers.

House Flies: Flies are an annoying presence in the spring and summer and fly tape only goes so far. If you start with one pair of houseflies, and assume that all of their offspring lives and reproduces, in 4 short months you will have 191,000,000,000,000,000,000 of the buzzing pests. In other words two flies can create an army in no time at all.

Mosquitoes: This is one pest we all wish didn’t reproduce at all but unfortunately they do, and at a high rate. It is a true statement that only female mosquitoes bite, but that doesn’t cut your chances in half. After a female mosquito finishes a blood meal (which takes roughly 1.5 minutes) she has the ability to lay several HUNDRED eggs. She can repeat this over and over, up to 20 times. And you know what else sucks about this scenario? Those hundreds of eggs can mature into feeding adults in less than a week.

Termites: Termites cause millions of dollars in damage each year in the U.S. and reproduce at a spectacular rate. However, many of the young will be eaten by natural predators. Termite queens can live for 15 years or more and can lay over 6,000 eggs a day. A. DAY. Termite colonies can have thousands, if not millions, of termites and multiple queens. So it is no wonder they can wreak havoc on your home costing you a pretty penny.

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