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September 9, 2016

Fall isn’t always the perfect time of year like the pumpkin flavored treats and cooler weather that goes hand in hand with it. Along with this cooler weather, homeowners need to consider pest proofing their home for winter before insects and wild animals seek it out as their winter resort. This shift in season and weather is something important for people, home and business owners in particular, to take note of. Failing to properly maintain the exterior of your home this time of year and create an open invitation for many different pests as they seek to stay warm for the upcoming cold months.

Many people relate pest control only to the summer months when in reality bugs are abundant in the fall. Overwintering pests will start making their way inside for shelter while the summer pests, like flies, mosquitoes, and stinging insects, will linger. Below are some of the pests you should be on the lookout for that may try to invade your home and some tips about each one.

The cooler weather brings ant trails indoors. Ants may even move their colonies into the walls of your home or beneath a slab foundation. Most of the time, the actual colony of pavement ants can be difficult to locate, so the best bet is to contact a professional.

Occasional Intruders
Occasional intruders include insects such as stink bugs, ladybugs, and box elders. Late summer and early fall are the optimal time to treat for these insects before they make a home for good throughout the winter. Make sure to seal all entry points into your home, such as holes in window screens, chimneys without a cap, and cracks in the foundation.

With all of the rain late summer and fall may bring, cockroaches will be attached to the moisture that forms below your home. Maintenance, such as general cleanliness and the repair of cracks and gams, is the best way to prevent and control cockroaches. One additional tip for if a roach problem already exists is to move food to sealed containers in order to eliminate more attraction.

The south and west facing walls of your home may attract flies in search of heat throughout the fall months. A warmer day may even bring them out from hiding! Once again survey all entry points into your home in order to prevent flies from entering.

Stinging Insects
If you think you have found a nest of stinging insects, take caution. With temperatures dropping and food sources dwindling, stinging insects may become hostile. Wasps in particular will frequently create nests in garages or sheds — once again, take caution and call a professional in to handle the problem.

Insects are not the only thing you have to worry about in the fall. Rodent control and exclusion may actually be your first priority in the fall as the mice and rats are seeking a warm place for winter. Rodents are typically found in the walls and anywhere there are open food containers. Call in a professional to do a thorough inspection on the exterior of your home to find gaps and holes where rodents may enter.

It is important to realize that taking preventative measures is always the best option when it comes to pest control. Prevent the problem before it becomes a problem! If professional advice or treatments are needed, do not hesitate to call your friendly technicians and customer agents at Black Diamond!