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Pests Got Your Pumpkins?

October 20, 2022

Decorating your house with pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons for Halloween has been a longstanding tradition since the early 1800s. You may be surprised to know that back in those days, the plastic option was not in stock at the local Target!  

Here at Black Diamond Pest Control, we’re a big fan of any yard blow-up, fake spider, the notorious Home Depot super realistic 12’ tall skeleton (you’re welcome), and especially the plastic jack-o'-lanterns. These reusable options are far less appetizing to unwanted insects and animals than their organic counterparts. Pests may be getting less of a treat these days due to the increase in artificial pumpkin use, but if you choose to go the old-fashioned route and carve up some pumpkins, we have a few suggestions to keep any stray creatures away!

  1. Make sure to remove anything remotely moist about your pumpkins. Summon your favorite horror movie and start de-gunking that pumpkin until its insides are gutless. The meat of the pumpkin is the most appealing to insects, and removing this makes it far less attractive to pests and slows down rotting. Cool bonus!
  1. While you want your pumpkin to remain dry, keeping it cool is also important for its survival. Keep your Halloween carvings out of the sun and heat, and consider glow sticks instead of candles to keep it from rotting and attracting more pests!  
  1. Let’s Go Gourds – Gets them inside when the weather is shifty. Fall in the Midwest is known for being pretty inconsistent, so when Mother Nature decides she wants a summer day or a cool fall night, make sure to hoard all your gourds indoors until it’s safe. Wild animals also love to sneak a snack under the cover of night, so consider moving them indoors when the sun goes down as well.  
  1. Keeping your cut up cuties atop railings, columns, or other hard to reach places will help keep larger animals like squirrels and deer away. Shielding your pumpkin from the wind will help with any pests on the fly.

Warning: Absolutely DO NOT spray your pumpkins with bleach. We know that some popular blogs suggest this to make your pumpkins last longer, but the risk is not worth the reward, and you may end up with a scene outside your home that is far too scary for Halloween. At Black Diamond, we know the importance of protecting wildlife – that’s why we safely and humanely relocate them from homes and properties where they could be a danger to themselves and others.  

If you choose to go the organic route this year and things get out of hand with your little orange friends, or if you notice a few real spiders in those decorative webs, don’t hesitate to call 877-DEAD-BUG or jump online and send us a message. We’ll take care of those scary pests faster than you can say abracadabra!