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May 15, 2017

At Black Diamond, we have many special K-9 friends that help us detect bed bugs anywhere and everywhere including homes, apartments, offices, schools, hotels, and more! Currently, we have three certified bed bug detection dogs – Bugsy, Zachary, and Mia – at our headquarters in Jeffersonville, IN and one certified at our branch office in Northern Kentucky named Abby. Throughout their combined 15 years of work experience (that’s 105 in dog years!) they have helped prevent many headaches and areas to grow into large infestations. Early detection is key when dealing with these pests!

Spring and summer are a busy time for our K-9 team. As the weather heats up, the spring break and summer travel season picks up with many people heading out of town. This increase in travel inevitably leads to an increase in the spread of bed bugs due to their hitchhiking tendencies. The small pests will clasp onto clothes, luggage, and other personal belongings allowing them to go wherever their human hosts are headed. This often causes people to bring them back into their home and other areas they visit unknowingly.

While it can take hours for a human to search through an entire room, moving around and flipping furniture to visually locate bed bugs, dogs are much less invasive. These dogs use their noses as they can smell the presence of live infestations in a given area within minutes. If our bed bug detecting K-9 find them on your property, the Black Diamond professionals will then know where and can provide the necessary treatments to rid your life of the bed bugs. The Black Diamond K-9 and their handlers are out to confirm a suspected or unknown bed bug infestation. This is why our dogs are trained to only alert to live bed bugs and viable eggs!

To keep bed bugs from hitching a ride with you on your return home from vacation, take a few minutes to perform a visual inspection when checking into your hotel room or other accommodation. Inspect within 3-5 feet of sleeping area, including:

  • Headboard and head of the bed area
  • Baseboard and all moldings
  • Picture frames near sleeping area
  • Outlet covers near sleeping area
  • Bed frame, mattress and box spring
  • Nightstands

If you find yourself dealing with a potential bed bug issue, but you are not positive of an infestation, it may be time to call 877-DEAD-BUG and hire our four-legged bed bug detectives. Plus, our K-9 team is growing! Follow our dogs and handlers on Instagram to keep up with our current certified dogs, as well as our K-9 in training – Quest, Forest, and Birr!