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September 2, 2017

As the fall and winter creep up, wild animals may try to creep in. In order to seek shelter from the cold, wild animals are quite good at getting into your home to find a home for winter. The best way to manage nuisance wildlife problems in your home is through preventative maintenance. Save thousands of dollars later by simply updating and fixing a few things now. From raccoons and skunks to bats and squirrels, these animals can cause a lot of nuisance!

Wild animals will claw, scratch, and create loud noise from side vents, rooftops, and even soffits. The best way to prevent, maintain, and eliminate wildlife from your house is to wildlife-proof with a qualified wildlife control technician from Black Diamond. There are also many small steps you can take on your own to help your property be less attractive to wild animals.

Trim trees and landscaping.

Trim or remove trees so that they are 17-20 foot from your house. Also, trim vines, bushes, and trees 17-20 foot away from all fences. If trimming trees is out of your budget or doesn’t work for your schedule, luckily, Black Diamond’s Landscape division can handle all landscaping projects, from maintenance to full installs.

Repair the exterior of your home, including the roof.

From roofing gaps to rotten or damaged siding, these are all areas that are susceptible to wildlife entry. Be sure to repair and secure shingles and vents, as well as looking low to fix any damages around the foundation as well.

Cover all exterior vents and openings.

Place screens on all dryer, air, stove, and bathroom vents to prevent animals from getting inside. Also, install chimney caps to block animals from coming down the chimney. Check these screens and chimney caps annually to make sure they are not damaged with holes or tears and still block access.

Keep up with the garbage.

Keep garbage in sealed containers with tight lids at all times, preferably in an enclosed area. Place the containers on the curb only on the day of garbage pickup, so you do not lure wild animals to your property with the leftovers.

Double check all decks, stairways, and balconies.

Enclose all open areas and repair the enclosures. Fill all holes under the stairs with clay or concrete to prevent wild animals from nesting under them. Keep any balconies clear of all junk, debris, garbage, and food. Repair all damaged or broken windows and screens. It is best to use wire mesh, plastic netting, or a commercial barrier to keep wildlife away.

Other tips quick tips to keep the wildlife controlled on your property? Do not feed your pets outdoors, as wild animals think the pet food is tasty, too! Mow your lawn frequently and encourage your neighbors to do the same. If you believe you are being troubled with wildlife, call 877-DEAD-BUG to have a Black Diamond professional survey your property. We offer safe and humane removal, exclusion, and prevention methods for both residential and commercial properties!