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October 17, 2016

Happy National Boss Day! At Black Diamond, we are extremely thankful for our managers and leadership team that helps us get through each day as smoothly as possible while still having some fun along the way! How will you celebrate your boss today? Even if you are going to be last minute with your recognition this year, here are a few ideas to treat your favorite boss that goes beyond the stereotypical flower bouquet.

A Special Sweet Treat
Depending on the sweet indulgence your boss may enjoy, consider bringing in donuts for a sweet start to the day or even a cookie cake for a celebration later in the afternoon. Maybe even consider baking a homemade cake to add that personal touch! This does not have to be a solo task either. Get together with a few of your colleagues to bake a cake together as a team exercise. If you do go with something store-bought, consider adding a clever card, such as these “Donut know what we would do without you” tags for donuts.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Coffee
Bring in your boss’ favorite coffee drink first thing in the morning or a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop. If your boss is a super caffeine addict, you could even go in with a couple of co-workers on this one and make a coffee gift basket (i.e. put bags of coffee beans, coffee flavoring, and a gift card to a basket). Here is a clever “Thanks a latte” tag to add to your coffee-themed gift.

Creative Team Card
Whether this be a simple store-bought card signed by all with a personal note or something homemade like this candy card, it will be a change of pace for your boss to receive something other than email on the special day.

Pest Control or Lawn Care Service
Take up an office collection and call Black Diamond to sign your company’s property or even your boss’ personal property up for Black Diamond’s quarterly pest control program or lawn maintenance service for 1 month, 1 quarter, or even for the entire year. Trust us, he’ll thank you later.

Treat Yourself on National Boss Day
Have you ever wanted to become your own boss? Maybe you are looking for a change of pace in your career or more flexibility with your schedule. Become your own boss with the Black Diamond franchise opportunity and create more freedom in your personal life and schedule, then celebrate yourself on National Boss Day next year! If you have any questions about the opportunity, don’t hesitate to fill out an online inquiry or call us to ask.