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Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean a pest infestation isn’t possible…or already happening. Before you deck the halls this holiday season, take a moment to read through these helpful tips to avoid a not-so-merry surprise that may be lurking in your tinsel. You don’t want to end up like the Griswolds from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!



Although some pests die off in the winter, some could still be lurking in your attic, basement or garage. Spiders, mites and moths are some of the more common pests that are known to nest in garlands, fabrics, wreaths and trees. If you don’t inspect your greenery you could end up spreading them all over your home. Luckily there is as simple solution if you find a bug or two, and that is to take your items outside and shake them out. Don’t spray your decorations with any kind of bug repellant! That is a major fire hazard. If you go the more traditional route and cut down your own Christmas tree you are more likely to bring in an unwanted house guest. As with faux trees and decor, thoroughly check your tree or wreath before bringing it into your home.


There is nothing like a crackling fire in the cold months. If you have a fireplace, and plan on using it this winter, make sure your firewood is not being stored near your home. Spiders, termites and ants are the common residents in firewood. If you store it too close to your home these pests don’t have far to travel. Keeping the firewood pile farther away prevents this and also gives you the chance to shake off any pests trying to hitch a ride indoors. The recommended distance is 20 feet from your home.


When the holidays are over you can prepare for the following year by storing your items properly to avoid summer insects, or animals retreating from the cold, from moving in. The best way to store decorations is in hard plastic bins that have secure lids. The tighter the lid, the less likely you are to have anything from a moth to a mouse in your decorations the following year. Smaller items can also be sealed in gallon freezer bags.

Via Guests

The holiday season is also a common time for guests that have the potential to spread pests. Unfortunately, airplanes are a top mode of transportation for bed bugs. They can hide in suitcases and make their way into your home, without your guests ever having them in their own home. These little grinches will bite you in your sleep so all you’ll be wanting from Santa is anti-itch cream. Don’t let pests ruin your holidays. If you suspect bed bugs, wildlife or any of the pests listed above, give us a call 877-DEAD-BUG.