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September 9, 2017

More than 56 million grandparents now reside in the United States. For all families, Grandparents Day presents an opportunity to tap into the wisdom and heritage that our older relatives provide. Celebrate the people who watched over us when our parents needed to go out somewhere — and we loved them for it because we were allowed to eat junk food and stay up late to watch TV. That’s right, we’re talking about grandparents and September 10th is their special day. They’ve done so much for us, so how do you celebrate with them? We’ve listed a few great ideas to spend some quality time with these important individuals.

Treat your grandparents to lunch or dinner. You’re older than you used to be so you may or may not still go Grandma and Grandpa’s house every weekend any longer. However, this Sunday, take your grandma and grandpa out to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. This time you can spend quality time with them without them having to do the actual cooking. Or maybe, you could invite them over to your home to cook a meal for them, and they could even give the chef a quick lesson!

Take your grandparents out and about to somewhere fun. Take them to the movies or even a museum. Check your town’s events page for concert listings, parades, or whatever else your town may have to offer this Sunday!

Make a scrapbook for your grandparents. Grandparents love photos of us and learning about what we’ve been up to. Make a scrapbook or photo album for them with pictures of your recent adventures, travels, friends, and achievements. This is something they can even show off to all their friends during Bingo night!

If your children are younger, help them make this fun bee canvas for their grandparents. This is a fun activity for parents to enjoy with their children to then pass along to their grandparents to enjoy. Plus, what kid doesn’t love to get a little messy with foot painting!