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April 17, 2017

The home inspection process can be somewhat frightening, regardless if you are standing the buyer’s or seller’s shoes. For sellers, it may be a reminder of the nagging issues you may have turned a blind eye to over the years. For buyers, home inspections could be a recipe for heartbreak when falling in love with a home that just doesn’t end up making sense to buy due to underlying issues.

Either way, no matter which role you’re playing in the home buying process, do not let inspections stress you out! Our goal is for you to have a smooth process when buying or selling, and with our 75+ years of experience, Black Diamond knows how to get you to and through a closing. With the variety of services Black Diamond offers, our company can assist you in multiple avenues of the home inspection process. From termites and pest damage with our Pest Control department can handle to moisture or mold problems and air duct work which our Restoration Services team can take care of, we’ve got you covered.

One of the most important inspections that a buyer would never want to skip is the termite and wood destroying insects inspection. Most lending institutions require termite inspections to know if the property has been damaged in the past, and if the home has any structural damage, the lending company will require the property to be treated and repaired by a licensed termite control company. Many may wonder though – why do lending institutions care about a clean bill of health when it comes to the presence and destruction of termites?

Termites are responsible for a significant about of damage to properties in the U.S., and the cost of treating and repairing the damage termites cause is estimated to be $5 billion dollars per year. It is important for those who are planning to purchase a home to know if the property is not a high risk investment. Termite inspections are not ordered by law when purchasing or refinancing a home, but due to the high cost in damages termites cause, most mortgage companies will require it before lending the buyer money.

You may ask now, what should you expect during the termite inspection? Our inspectors identify the condition of the property and will list any damage observed. Our inspectors will have to check every room inside the structure, including bedrooms, toilets, and closets. We will also include the substructure area and attic in the inspections. Also during the inspection, they will be searching for signs of pests, leaking pipes, and moisture-damaged wood.

After the termite inspection is complete, our certified technicians will create recommendations to the homeowner or building owner. If there is evidence of underground termite infestation, we will recommend treatment immediately. In most cases, it is the buyer or buyer’s agent who will ask for the termite certification, and the seller will be responsible for any treatment or repairs. To summarize, below are the main reasons or factors as to why the inspection is so important:

  1. Inspections will guarantee buyers know the actual condition of the property and are aware of any issues before making the purchase.
  2. The property value of a house with a termite infestation may affect the value of the home, as well as the opposite when a property with no findings of infestation will be valued higher. Knowing this will be a key factor in the negotiation process.
  3. If an infestation is found, the seller may remedy the property as soon as they become aware, thus making the property salable to other potential buyers.
  4. If you do not have regular or annual inspections performed on your home, you may consider doing so.
  5. Inspection can also result in a homeowner to make treatment regular and prevent future damage.