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September 19, 2017

While the fall leaves and colors are a perk that makes the fall many people’s favorite time of year throughout the Midwest, many forget the dirty work and cleanup this beauty brings along. These leaves create several problems as far as both pest control and lawn care goes. Plus, to homeowners, fall cleanup is more than just ranking the leave but it’s also an important part of winter preparation to help manage the safety and integrity of a property.

As a homeowner, are you wondering what should you do this fall to clean up beyond ranking leaves? Follow the below steps to clean up the exterior of your home in preparation for winter to keep your lawn in good condition and your home pest free!

Remove all debris.

Beyond raking up and removing the leaves, clean up all branches, twigs, and debris from your lawn and planting beds. These piles can create harborage areas for pests and can even be a factor in the creation of a dead lawn.

Stack all logs and woodpiles.

Always store wood outside of your home. Termites and other insects, including mice and smaller rodents, will nest in the stacks. Always be sure to maintain about 20 feet of space between the pile and your foundation. Inspect all logs before bringing them indoors and keep it elevated off of the ground to keep it dry and further reduce the chance of it becoming the home for any pests.

Check and repair the foundation.

Cleanup goes beyond the yard. Check the foundation for any cracks and repair them before the winter. Also, check the siding for any areas that may be damaged or deteriorated as this would provide a perfect shelter for mice, chipmunks, and squirrels seeking shelter for the winter. Any cracks and crevices will invite insects to come in and potentially go undetected throughout the winter months. The longer insects set up camp and breed and product, the more damage and ultimately money they can cost.

Create a barrier in all openings of your home.

Check all windows and doors for excessive airflow and repair the sills and window panes. Also, use door sweeps to close up spaces underneath external entries. Check attic windows and all exterior vents to be sure there are screens installed behind them. Potentially consider setting traps in the attic for the winter months since it is common for squirrels, mice, and even raccoons to seek shelter by climbing trees and obtaining access to the upper levels of the house.

Mow and trim shorter than normal.

The lawn should be mowed at 3 inches to prevent fungus problems. Trim and shape hedges and shrubs one last time before winter to prevent snow and ice damage. Also, prune all dead wood or cross branches to eliminate all chances of pest issues.

Take these measures will not only protect your home, but it will protect your family as well. Also, consider asking about our No Problem Plan! This is an exclusive program that our company offers covering both household insects and wildlife issues, including termites and bed bugs! Call 877-DEAD-BUG to learn more and see if your property qualifies.