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August 29, 2018

Rodents often induce stress, fear, can cause chewed furniture, and are also a fire hazard as they can gnaw on electrical wiring in your walls. Not to mention, rodents are carriers of many diseases. Mice and rats can also be very resourceful, clever, and difficult to eliminate on your own. With the cooling temperatures right around the corner, homeowners could encounter an invasion of rodents as they look somewhere warm for shelter. Here are some tips to follow now to help prevent rodents later this season:

  • Keep food in sealed containers: Invest in plastic containers with lids to store all dry goods in your pantry to prevent easy access to rodents.
  • Remove all clutter: Tidy up and keep hiding places for pests to a minimum.
  • Clear pet food and bird feed: Especially when not in use, keep pet food in sealed containers and bird feed stored away.
  • Check all entry points: Look at each door and window to make sure they close properly without any gaps or easy entry points for rodents.
  • Install a door sweep: Fit all exterior doors for door sweeps or brush strips to prevent rodents from squeezing through.
  • Keep the toilet lid down: Disgustingly enough, rats have been caught swimming up drains and into toilets, so our best advice is to keep the lid closed!
  • Check all pipes and wire lines: All pipes or wire lines that enter the house from the exterior could provide possible passage for rodents. Install metal rodent guards to prevent access!
  • Cut and trim around your yard: Cut back bushes, trees, and overhanging branches, as well as keeping the lawn mowed to limit nesting and shelter possibilities for rodents.
  • Place traps strategically: An additional preventative measure to take is to place traps in areas that could be potential trouble spots such as attics, basements, and the garage.

A few signs you may already have a mouse problem include dark droppings the size of grains of rice, footprints, a strong smell of urine, and nests made of soft shredded materials. Scratching and scurrying sounds could also be a clue to a rodent or wildlife problem.

Remember that rodents can squeeze through an opening the size as small as a quarter. If you suspect rodents have made your home their own, don’t panic! Bring in a professional from Black Diamond to eliminate the issue 877-DEAD-BUG