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December 26, 2016

It is difficult to believe Christmas has already come and gone and the much dreaded storing of the Christmas decorations for next year begins. Many of the traditional holiday activities encourage pests to invade your homes, and why the decorations patiently wait in boxes until next season, they could play host to unexpected critters. By preparing ahead of time, it is possible to prevent pest infestations for next year. As you are packing away your lights and trees, keep these tips in mind to avoid pests in your holiday decorations.

Invest in your storage containers

Use heavy duty plastic containers with tight lids for storage. The cost on these may be an investment up front but could potentially save you hundreds of dollars later. Plan on using more boxes than expected in order to prevent stuffing each box to the brim. Also, be sure to clean out the storage bins and containers before you do any packing. There is no telling what could have accumulated in those boxes during their months in storage!

Ditch live and edible decor

Be cautious of greenery from the start and don’t even consider trying to save it for next year. Check any items that have come into contact with the greenery while out because there could have already been pests in it when it was bought! Beyond that, definitely toss edible items, such as popcorn string. While some edible items can be preserved and used again, it is better to not take the chance and take the time to make a new one next year.

Clean and carefully inspect your decorations

Before storing them in a box, check ornaments carefully as these can be attractive to small critters and pests. As you take each off of the tree, check for gnaw marks or signs of droppings. Take a quick look inside them too as some may crawl inside! Also, before to wash holiday linens before storing them, especially tablecloths that may have accumulated crumbs and stains. Take a step further and store the linens inside of a plastic bag before placing in a box to prevent moths to getting to them.

Once everything is packed away, make sure your containers are stored in a clean and safe area that will stay dry throughout the winter and following summer. If you come across a pest infestation as you are packing your decorations away, don’t hesitate to call Black Diamond for a free inspection. And remember, the best form of pest control is preventing the bugs from getting into your home in the first place!