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July 6, 2017

It’s summertime and that means cookouts, picnics, and outdoor fun. While eating outdoors is fun throughout the summer, it definitely comes with many challenges – dealing with insects crashing your party being one of the biggest concerns! Planning a picnic or outdoor barbecue can be a lot of fun, but worrying about insects… not so much. Knowing how to keep away uninvited guests like ants, mosquitoes, and stinging insects is extremely important considering these pests can make picnics more of a headache than anything else. Follow the tips below to help keep pests away from your next picnic.

Find the perfect location.
Choosing the right location will go a long way in fighting the bug battles. It is best to picnic in a well-maintained area, such as parks and designated picnic spots. If you picnic near tall grass, you can expect ticks. It is a good idea to have a nearby trash can so that you can dispose of your waste, sure, but make sure you do not set-up your picnic too close, as the nearby area will attract flies and other insects. Also, choose a location that is away from standing water as this will help you steer clear of mosquitoes. In addition, setting up your picnic away from areas with lots of flowers will help you stay away from stinging insects.