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April 17, 2018

Mother Nature sure has been confused these past few weeks! From flooding in February to snow showers in April, I do not envy our local meteorologists. As discussed in a previous blog, temperature is a big indicator to some pests on when it is time to awaken and thrive. Frequent temperature variations, especially freezing and thawing, can make pests emerge early. Sometimes, just one warmer than usual winter day can stir them up. However, even if they show up early, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will die off if there is another freeze event. The mixture of warmth and moisture is the combination pests are looking for. When warmer day(s) occur bees and wasps emerge from their dormant state, termites may swarm and pooling rain water might bring ants indoors as they search for higher-ground. Most insects have defense mechanisms to survive cooler than normal temperatures, especially those that remain dormant over the winter months.

The most common place for pests to avoid being affected by the back and forth temperatures…is your home. Your climate controlled abode is the perfect oasis for any variety of pest to invade and nest. Not to mention the various food sources nearby, whether that is crumbs from your kitchen that cockroaches and rodents enjoy, or the wood foundation that subterranean termites would love to snack on. In short, when we notice the weather being erratic, so do pests. Protect your home from any confused critters by calling Black Diamond today. We have a variety of services to not only help you rid your home of pests but also to keep them from invading in the first place.