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September 12, 2018

As Hurricane Florence takes aim at the East Coast this week, many are boarding up, stocking up, and evacuating. Many across the East Coast, and even the Midwest, can expect a lot of rain from this storm as it makes landfall. Something you may not expect after heavy rainfall is how it can affect pests and their activity. Here are some things to expect if there is heavy rainfall in your area:


As you may already know, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Some species only need a tablespoon of standing water to accomplish this. If you are involved in clean up after the storm make sure to wear long sleeves and pants, as well as insect repellant while doing so. During clean up, make sure to empty any vessels containing standing water, as well as clear any debris that can create more standing water, such as gutters or drainage areas.

Rodents and Other Insects

Believe it or not, mice and rats are good at swimming, so flood waters can drive them into new areas, including homes and businesses. Some insects, such as some species of ants, will even float on debris until they can find dry land. Heavy rain and flooding doesn’t eliminate pests like these, it simply drives them elsewhere.

Damage Repair

Although it is easier said than done, it is important to repair any damage to your home as soon as possible. Pests will seize any opportunity to enter a warm, somewhat dry space for protection. It is just as important to remove any of the damage or debris from your property quickly. These items can be attractive to pests and they could soon enter your home. Some rodents only need an opening the size of a quarter to slip through and for insects it is even smaller.

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